FINDER or Faculty Initiative for Novel Detectors for Radiation Detection

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FINDER, the Faculty Initiative for Novel Detectors for Radiation Detection, is a group of faculty in Engineering (electrical, industrial, materials and mechanical), Physics and Chemistry working together to go from theory behind neutron detection to the “real-life” working neutron detector for the user.

The FINDER group has developed the Portable Ergonomic Real-time Solid-state Neutron Active-Layer (PERSoNAL) Detector.  The key to this device is semiconducting boron carbide, a material that can be produced as a tiny, rugged, gamma-blind diode which will detect neutrons in real time.  Imagine a Lego block that can tell you if someone is sneaking a dirty bomb into your country.  Now put this block into a hand-held tool that is user friendly, durable, and weighs about one pound.  The result is the instrument that homeland security officials and first response units have been waiting for.



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P ortable

E rgonomic Put picture of the thing here- I will get you a good pic later.

R eal-time

S olid-state

N eutron

A ctive-

L ayer

(PERSoNAL) Detector

Heart of which is semiconducting boron carbide discovered by a group of professors at UNL


Research Team :

Sina Balkir

Neil Boag

Jennifer Brand

Peter Dowben

Susan Hallbeck

Research Questions addressed by the IDEA lab

  • What type of packaging is required for various occupations such as first responders, customs agents, etc? These may be hand-held wand or devices imbedded in the user’s clothing or personal protective gear.
  • What is the best way to display of the information to the end user?

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